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Jodie Sacco

VP Sales and Marketing, Dream Racing

Bio: I grew up in “Nelson Mandela land”: South Africa. I was born in the 70s and hence was a teenager in the 90s when Mandela was released from prison. I remember apartheid so vividly during my younger years, I saw the poverty, inequalities and suffering of a broken nation; broken people. And then I saw how just one man touched so many lives in a deep and inspiring way. One man: one lifetime. 

I completed by Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and Linguistics. It was from working with children and after having two amazing daughters of my own that Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada became an organization I was drawn towards. I believe we all have the “Mandela touch” within us: never doubt the impact your one small contribution—tangible or intangible—can make on another person's life.

I serve on the Board of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Because… Helping others is a part of my family’s DNA.

My wish would be... To raise the next generation to be kind, compassionate, unentitled human beings.

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Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada
9950 Covington Cross Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89144
(702) 212-9474