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Kellyn Platek

Title: Wish Coordinator

Before joining Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada: I joined Teach for America right after college and taught elementary school in Las Vegas for four years.

Education: I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Political Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

About Me: Growing up in North Carolina with my mom, my dad, and my three younger siblings, community and family quickly became my two biggest values from a very young age. My primary motivation in life is to serve others, and my career path and hobbies have reflected this every step of the way. In my spare time, I love anything that gets me up and moving from yoga to hiking to running. Drawing, writing, and cooking are also huge passions for me. I spend most of down time hanging out with my boyfriend and his daughter or exploring the Las Vegas food scene with my friends. I love to try new things and learn, so I am always down for an adventure whether it is local or across the world!

My favorite thing about working at Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada: Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada is truly a hub of the Las Vegas community. Every day, I am so inspired to see so many people from all parts of our city joining together to help children who truly need and deserve the wishes we all work to grant.

My wish would be: To go on a tour of Europe with my family and train with professional chefs in each country I visit!

No artist tolerates reality. ”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada
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Las Vegas, NV 89144
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