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Kolby Crampton

Title: Wish Support Coordinator


Before joining Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada: I had the opportunity to work for 4 years at a little shop called The Wig Cottage. It was a beautiful salon that specialized in finding wigs for women either battling cancer or those with hair loss. It allowed me to do something I really loved, which was bringing joy into the life of someone going through a difficult challenge in their life.

Education: I am currently completing my Bachelor of Arts in Communications through University of Phoenix and joyfully suffering through golf lessons from my dad.

About me
: I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I have attended college here and love being able to call Vegas my hometown where my entire family resides. In my free time I love going to hot Pilates, spending time outdoors, going to the beach and doing anything that makes me feel alive. I am also a childhood cancer survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for 7 years now. Yay! Being diagnosed at a young age, I was able to Make-A-Wish of my own.

My favorite thing about working at Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada
: Working for Make-A-Wish has been a dream job of mine ever since my own wish was granted in 2011. I absolutely love that I am now able to be a part of such an incredible foundation that creates that same wonderful impact on others that Make-A-Wish did for me.

My wish would be: My granted wish back in 2011 was to go on a Caribbean cruise which was truly a bright star in an otherwise dark night. However, now many years later, my wish would be to travel to Thailand and play with baby elephants. 
Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world ”

— Pema Clödron

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