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Logan wished to go to Disney World

Logan 648x444

“ this trip changed our lives ”

- Logan's Mom

Often described as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World Resort is the epitome of a dream come true for many people. Not unlike the others before him, 7-year-old Logan also had a dream to visit this magical place.

But when you’re 7-years-old and dealing with complex heart disease, sometimes these dreams remain just that-a dream. Fortunately, with some help from volunteers and Wish Granters, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada was able to turn Logan’s dream into a reality.

The day finally arrived for Logan and his family to travel to Disney World. A giant limousine pulled up in front of their house; the whole family was so excited! Off they went to the airport where they flew to sunny Orlando, Florida, where Mickey Mouse and Disney characters would show them the time of their lives. Once they arrived at the park, they were treated like VIP’s. Logan and his family moved quickly past the long lines, and all of the characters came to visit with him. He was even able to ride multiple roller coasters more than once. This was a big highlight for thrill seeker Logan.

Logan was all smiles all day long. “We have not seen Logan laugh this much since he got sick,” Logan’s mom Karen said. “We bought so many souvenirs for him, and one of his favorites was the safari outfit that Mickey Mouse wears. We all got Mickey Mouse ears and his sisters, Alicia and Elizabeth, had the time of their lives. They really enjoyed seeing Logan have so much fun.”

When all was said and done, Karen had a difficult time putting into words the impact this granted wish had on the family. “You have no idea how much this trip has changed our life. To have an amazing week of nothing but fun, and to see not only our son having the time of his life, but our girls as well, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

  • Logan & his family

  • Logan and his family loved meeting Rapunzel

  • Logan made many new friends

  • Logan & Rapunzel!

  • "You have no idea how much this trip has changed our life"

We have not seen Logan laugh this much since he got sick ”

— Logan's Mom

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