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Fraud Alert

From time to time, Make-A-Wish® and its supporters fall victim to scams that illegally make use of the good name and trademarks of Make-A-Wish.

Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada is not affiliated in any way with the following outlets:
  • Gay Vegas; Fab Las Vegas; Vegas Pride/; Vegas PRIDE MONTH; BMG Inc. (Bundle Media Group, Inc.); LGBTQ Vegas;;;;;; Gay Vegas Magazine;;; Queer Vegas; Latinx Vegas; Come Out Vegas; All Purple Durple; and any other of the many social media pages or any other interest owned or managed by John Lawrence (Johnny Bacon, John Lawrence Bacon)
  • PRIDE Festival: Las Vegas (Facebook)
  • EQ NV; Equality Nevada; (managed by John Lawrence (Johnny Bacon, John Lawrence Bacon))
We have taken action with our Legal Counsel to address this matter. Please contact our office at 702-212-9474 with any questions or if you have additional information. 

Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada
9950 Covington Cross Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89144
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