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Dec 04, 2017


Has this ever been you?

It’s time for your company’s annual Secret Santa gift exchange. The bucket full of names is getting closer and closer, and you’re getting more and more nervous.

What if you draw that lady from marketing with all the birds, or the new IT person you’ve only met twice, and one time was in the bathroom. Awkward. 

As the bucket inches closer, sweat starts to bead over your brow and you realize the only people you really feel comfortable getting are your office mate (he’s definitely getting pens since he’s constantly stealing yours), and the intern because she comments on your Star Wars coffee mug with, “The Dark Side too, I like” at least once a week, and you never know if she’s talking about coffee or the actual dark side. Anyone else is getting socks.

What if we told you there was a way to forgo the gift anxiety without feeling like a giant Scrooge?


Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada has a Match A Gift Program that offers companies the opportunity to match contributions made by their employees, sometimes dollar for dollar, or more! This means you could take the money you’d otherwise spend on socks, coffee mugs or whatever else the bird lady from marketing may want, and donate it to making wishes come true for wish kids in your community. Not only that, but that sock money could be matched by your employer. It’s a holiday miracle!

But if you’re lucky enough to not be plagued by Secret Santa angst, there are still plenty of ways you and your coworkers can team up to give hope and joy to kids facing the fight of their life.


Encourage coworkers to bring their lunch at least once a week instead of going out to eat. Have them put the saved money in the Jolly Jar, and at the end of the month your company can match the amount raised!


We’ve all heard of a White Elephant gift exchange, but what if you did a green elephant at your upcoming office holiday party? Encourage coworkers to participate by bringing a cash or check donation for Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada in lieu of a gift for each other.


Who doesn’t love a good holiday potluck? Host one at your office this year, but have the “entry fee” be a donation to Make-A-Wish (along with a macaroni casserole too, of course).

Whatever you decide to do to bring cheer to deserving kids, don’t forget to get your boss on board! You can check to see if you company already participates in the Match A Gift Program here.

Happy giving!

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