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Kimberly Brings Inspiration To The Table

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When Kimberly Gora moved to Las Vegas from Huntington Beach, CA she had no idea that her job would give her the opportunity to do more than climb the ladder. It would inspire her to make a difference. See how this California girl turned into a Make-A-Wish ambassador.

 Kimberly Gora began her career as a sales manager for Caesar’s Palace, but her determined nature led her to become the director of sales and events at Wolfgang Puck. Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in The Forum Shops at Caesars® also happens to be the site of Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada’s annual Fashion Show Luncheon.  

Kimberly witnessed her first Fashion Show Luncheon in 2003 (it was only our second one!) and she hasn’t been the same since. Years later, her employee Krystal was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and she agreed to speak about her struggles at the luncheon. She also spoke about her resolve to raise money to help a wish kid’s dreams come true. Kimberly was so moved by what she heard that when our CEO, Caroline Ciocca, called her to say she thought Krystal would be the perfect person for an open position with Make-A-Wish, Kimberly didn’t hesitate to encourage her to accept. Even though Krystal was a huge asset to Kimberly’s team at Wolfgang Puck, Kimberly knew Krystal belonged with us. Thanks to Kimberly, Krystal has made an amazing community development manager for Make-A-Wish. 

Kimberly continues to be inspired fourteen years after her first Fashion Show Luncheon. She loves seeing the kids get to be part of the experience by cooking up creative meals with various chefs for the event photo shoot. The joy she sees in their eyes drives her to help make the luncheon more impactful each year. 

I’ve seen this luncheon start as an itty-bitty blossom and flourish into a beautiful bouquet, Kimberly said. 

The experience with Make-A-Wish has also made Kimberly realize the children aren’t the only ones impacted by their life-threatening condition. The families are on the front lines right along with their child. Her role with Wolfgang Puck allows her to help bring strength and encouragement to wish kids and their families through this awesome fundraising event. 

Wolfgang Puck loves partnering with Make-A-Wish, she said. 

We are so grateful to Kimberly and Wolfgang Puck for putting the inspiring touches on a very important event. It is Kimberly’s attention to detail and impeccable flair for hosting events that set the tone for our Fashion Show Luncheon.  

We don’t worry about a thing when it comes to the venue, food, service and overall spirit of our event, says Caroline Ciocca. Kimberly ensures our supporters walk away feeling loved and cared for while we inspire them with our mission. 

We can’t wait to see how this year’s Fashion Show Luncheon helps change lives.

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