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Lois' Legacy of Wishes

Lois and Dad
Lois' deep-rooted love for all things Disney left a significant impact on her. She has decided to leave a Legacy of Wishes for wish kids desiring to go to Disneyland® and Walt Disney World Resort® long after her journey on earth ends. Read on to learn about how the selfless nature of one woman will leave a lasting impression on wish kids to come.

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Lois and Family

(Lois and her family at the Inaugural Haunted Mansion Holiday)

This statement has never been more true thanks to Lois, a special supporter who wants her legacy to live on by including Make-A-Wish® 
 Southern Nevada in her will. She wants her money to go to granting wishes to Disneyland® and Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Growing up in Southern California, Lois and her parents were just miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth. They spent countless hours together enjoying the magic of the park until they moved in 1991, including a time in 1981 when Lois and her mom visited the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. But the magic continued even after they moved. As an early Christmas present in 2001, Lois’ husband took the four of them to Disneyland for the Inaugural Haunted Mansion Holiday. This also happened to be the last time her mom, then 83, and dad, 74, went to Disneyland with her.

Lois’ mom passed away in 2009 at 91 and her dad in 2014 at 87, but a twist of fate allowed Lois to keep their spirit and love of Disneyland alive. In 2016, she and her husband had planned a trip to Costa Rica but had to cancel it. Lois’ friend Pat, a long-time Make-A-Wish volunteer, had told her about Lizet, a little girl with sickle cell anemia who needed a wish sponsored. What was the wish? To go to Disneyland.  And here’s the twist: the cost was the same amount as Lois’ portion of the canceled trip to Costa Rica. Lois was able to grant the wish and give Lizet and her family a chance to feel “normal” again.

 Lizet and Daisy

“After they returned I was able to read their story and see the pictures,” Lois said. “Until then, I woke up excited for them each day wondering what adventures they would choose.”

Lois was thrilled to grant the wish for a deserving little girl, but knew it wasn’t enough. That is how she decided to keep her own spirit alive through Planned Giving.

I value experiences and memories, not things,” she said. I have been blessed to travel to most of my bucket list places, but for these special children at Make-A-Wish, going to Disney is their one-time wish”. 

Lois wants to encourage others to fulfill a Disney wish for a child now and after the journey on earth ends with Planned Giving.

What better way to keep a legacy alive? Learn more about Planned Giving here.

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