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New Make-A-Wish Employee Feature: Meet Nikki

Nikki with her brother, wish recipient Michael.
Earlier this year, we welcomed two new employees to the Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada family.

Rachel and Nikki both came to us passionate about working for a non-profit and eager to support our mission to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. In this two-part blog series, get to know these passionate women who make wishes come true.

Nikki TatalovichMeet Nikki Tatalovich, who loves sushi, her puppy Bagel, and Pilates. Nikki is a Wish Coordinator, who brings together all the parts of a wish to make it a magical experience. She came to us after a career in high end jewelry because she wanted to make a larger impact. “I immediately considered working in the non-profit space,” shares Nikki, “and Make-A-Wish immediately came to mind because of the way it touched my family.” You see…Nikki is a member of a Wish Family.

Nikki’s younger brother Michael was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma his senior year of high school. During his treatment, he went through two rounds of intense chemotherapy and had a partial hip replacement. Nikki says, “Obviously, this was a hard time for my family, so as he was recovering, he became connected with Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada. When he settled on a wish, he was much healthier than when he was referred.” In fact, Michael was so healthy that he decided to give back and raise awareness for cancer by participating in the Texas 4000, a cross-country bike ride.

Michael decided to use the power of his wish to further the mission of the Texas 4000 and gain press coverage in several cities throughout the Western US and Canada. Michael wished to have a press junket for the Texas 4000 in 2016; after his press conference in Las Vegas, news stories appeared throughout the nation. “Out of all the things my brother could have chosen, he picked something that would give back to a cause he believed in and continues to support.”

After this impactful experience as a Wish Sister, Nikki decided to make a big career change and found an open position at Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada. “I’ve always thought it was such an incredible organization with such a unique mission to bring about positivity in the lives of children with life-threatening conditions. I love the idea of working for a non-profit in general, but this one is different as it has a sole purpose of making children’s lives better, including within my own family.”

Now, Nikki is a member of the team and working daily to make wishes a reality. “Our team is so incredible: not only are these women so fun and hilarious, but they are so brilliant, diligent, and so good at what they do.” She says that one of her favorite moments was Brynn’s reveal at the grand opening of The Wishing Place. “It was amazing—from ushering her in through a tunnel of cheering people to watching her look of surprise when she saw the princesses hiding in wait to reveal that her wish was coming true.” 

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