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A Wish for Every Child

Each year, hundreds of children throughout Southern Nevada are diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions.

Caitlin's wish was adopted by Robert Chars.

When a child is diagnosed, their world suddenly collapses. They are robbed of a carefree childhood and are forced to deal with realities that no child should have to undergo. So, imagine the joy, elation and gratitude that these children and families experience when they receive an unconditional wish. This gift is unparalleled and unique to Make-A-Wish®. It is something that no medicine, no doctors and no nurses can provide. And, you can help by becoming an Adopt-A-Wish partner!

The Adopt-A-Wish Investment

The Adopt-A-Wish program offers the ultimate connection by partnering your philanthropic investment with a specific child's heartfelt wish. Every dollar donated leverages another dollar of in-kind goods and volunteer services to make each wish come true. Anyone can adopt a wish! Grab your family, friends, or make an individual investment in the strength, and future of a seriously-ill child.

Different ways you can Adopt-A-Wish

Give the Gift of a Wish — Every occasion is an occasion to give the gift of a wish in lieu of a present. What better way to honor your friends, family members, or loved ones, than to adopt a wish in their honor. Giving the gift of a wish is an excellent substitution for holiday cards, birthday, or anniversary gifts. Choose from three convenient options to acknowledge your gift; each a unique and heart-warming surprise.

Wish Boards — Placing a child's wish board at your holiday party, FriendsGiving dinner, or family get together allows your friends and family the opportunity to participate in adopting a wish through the various expenses associated with a single wish. Choose from one of our four types and receive a wish board that breaks down your child's wish expenses, line by line.

Wish Reveal Participation — A wish reveal is a special event in which we tell our Wish Kids that their one true wish is coming true. With the support of a Make-A-Wish representative, you can attend a real child's wish reveal.

Wish Designing — We can't grant wishes without the support and expertise of local friends. Work without wish team to help provide resources and ideas that will help shape a real child's wish experience! We'll work with the child's All About Me form, and ensure you have everything you need to help us plan a once in a lifetime kind of wish.

How you can make an impact

A chapter representative will work with you to develop an Adopt-A-Wish partnership that aligns with your philanthropic vision. We do our best to pair a child based on any number of factors, including medical condition, wish type, individual interests or age, based on our list of adoptable wishes. For the children, families and our community, your support can make all the difference. Our vision is a wish for every eligible child in Southern Nevada. To adopt a wish or for more information, please call us at 702.932.2800.

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