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Tayler wished to be a veterinarian

With insight into the verterinarian world, Tayler affirmed her desires for her prospective career.

Tayler is an amazingly wise 17-year-old girl who has an immense passion for life. She was diagnosed with Wegener’s granulomatosis, a very rare condition in young people, which Tayler is very knowledgeable about.

Animals are Tayler’s favorite thing in life.  She has two dogs, a few guinea pigs and dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. It is Tayler’s dream career that led her to the Alameda East Veterinary Clinic in Colorado to spend a day with her future fellow veterinarians.  The Alameda East Veterinary Clinic is a highly recognized clinic and is featured on a reality show series on the Animal Planet Network.

The veterinarians and staff were extremely excited to have Tayler visit.  They all gathered to welcome her with a sign, keepsakes and even her own scrubs to wear for the day.  Tayler’s wish was full of activities, including shadowing veterinarians from the reality show, assisting in treatments for turtles, rabbits and dogs.  Tayler even had a front row seat in surgeries!  The staff was very impressed with Tayler’s knowledge regarding proper procedures and care for the animals.  They even expressed their interest in having her back as an intern.

During Tayler’s wish, she was also able to take a tour of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University, her dream university.  She also met with a veterinarian to ask questions about her future career in veterinary medicine.  Tayler loved the opportunity to see what her future career had in store for her and was happy to have made many new friends.


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