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A Wish Mom's Perspective: Heather

The impact that the Make-A-Wish foundation had on my son, Dominic is indescribable.

After 3 years of chemo treatments, starting when he was just 22 months old, Dominic made his wish. The team from Make-A-Wish came into our home with lots of enthusiasm, positivity, sensitivity, and just plain old fun. Dominic wished for a Disney Cruise Line® Cruise that he saw on a TV commercial. He loved the thought of being in a big ship, seeing the Disney® characters, and riding the water slide! Make-A-Wish took care of everything you could think of! The trip was so exciting and well planned. I cannot begin to explain the happiness that was expressed on Dominic's face the whole time we were on this cruise. My husband and I saw our son filled with excitement, laughter, and just free. Free from all the doctor visits, chemo treatments, and just the daily life of a person with cancer. He was happy and that is all any parent wants for their child. We will never forget this trip and a mere thank you to Make-A-Wish is not enough for making this experience so memorable.

Dominic and his mother 

  • Dominic, all smiles.

  • Dominic and his family

  • Dominic, his brother and Mickey Mouse

  • Dominic's cruise

  • He couldn't be more happy.

  • Dominic, his mother and his brother

  • Dominic on a fishing excursion.

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