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Aaron experiences the happiest place on earth

Aaron wished to meet Mickey Mouse.

“ What Make-A-Wish does is so beautiful; I am so thankful. ”

- Natesha, Aaron's mom

In just six short years, wish kid Aaron has spent more time in the hospital and at doctors’ offices than most people do in their entire lives.

Diagnosed with sickle cell disease in 2010, he often suffers extreme fatigue and dizziness. During a time when his friends enjoyed school and the joys of kindergarten, Aaron was in and out of treatment and appointments as teams of physicians worked to restore his health. Just when Aaron began feeling healthy and active, his seven-month-old brother was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This diagnosis forced the family back into the hospital as Aaron’s brother received a heart transplant. Even though his illness and the stress of his brother’s condition threatened to steal the excitement of his childhood, Aaron finds joy in one of his favorite characters—Mickey Mouse.

Aaron was initially shy towards his volunteer wish granters. Once they discovered his love of Michael Jackson, they bonded over the music and sharing dance moves. Soon, Aaron eagerly shared his wish to meet Mickey Mouse. Mickey and his friends brought so much light into Aaron's life as he lay in his hospital bed; he could not wait for the chance to meet them in person.

When the cast of the Cirque du Soleil show, Michael Jackson ONE, heard of Aaron’s love for Michael Jackson, they knew they had to be a part of his wish experience. Aaron and his family received tickets to the show and an invitation backstage for a tour and time on stage dancing with the cast. As if this experience was not enough, the cast of Michael Jackson ONE revealed to Aaron his wish to meet Mickey Mouse was coming true! His mom, Natesha, says he cried tears of joy when he learned he and his family were soon going to meet Mickey Mouse in Disneyland!

Aaron, his parents, and his little brother, AJ were soon off to Disneyland. There, Aaron was invited to a private lounge to color with Mickey—his favorite part. “No one gets to color with Mickey,” he shares, “I felt so famous.” At first, he felt some trepidation about riding the rides, but soon, he became excited to ride all of the rides. The family enjoyed a day off to relax and spend time together at Newport Beach.

Of his wish, his mom Natesha says, “Getting to go to Disneyland together gave us peace of mind and brought us closer as a family.” She felt amazed that an organization like Make-A-Wish exists for critically-sick kids and that they intend to remain part of the family for a very long time. “What Make-A-Wish does is so beautiful; I am so thankful.” Wishes matter—and they do come true!

  • Performers at Michael Jackson ONE helped reveal Aaron's wish was coming true!

  • Aaron made many new friends on his wish trip.

  • But coloring with Mickey was Aaron's favorite part - he felt famous!

  • The wish trip "brought us closer as a family," said Natesha.

  • Thank you from Aaron and his family for helping to make his wish come true!

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