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Camilo wished to have a park in his backyard

“ A wish came true in Camilo's backyard ”

Sitting atop a bright orange slide, three-year-old Camilo looks on with excitement as he surveys his brand new playground. Camilo’s main hobbies include playing at the park and watching the Paw Patrol cartoons--, each of these interests endangered as a serious leukemia diagnosis threatened his life. Fortunately, Make-A-Wish® volunteers found a way to return to Camilo some of the joy stolen from him while he battled his illness.

Because of his treatment, Camilo can only play outside in the shade or after the sun sets, which greatly reduces play time before bed. So, when it came to his one true wish, Camilo knew exactly what he wanted… to have a park in his backyard!

Camilo requested several specifics, including an orange slide and fire-hydrant with water features to keep him cool in the Las Vegas heat. Camilo’s wish granters also incorporated some of his favorite cartoon characters into his custom playground.

When the big reveal finally came, Camilo eagerly explored his new backyard with a jubilant smile on his face. Full of his favorite things and strategically placed in the cool shade, he now plays freely and safely, whenever he wishes.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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