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Jan 06, 2016

Allegiant Shares the Power Of A Wish

The Power of a Wish…it is an energy; a real and tangible force of good. Each wish is fueled by the kindness of strangers. My son Michael is a Wish child and a four year survivor of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. While he was sick, the hope and positive energy of the thought of his upcoming Wish provided him a much needed distraction from the sickness and pain of chemotherapy. The Wish was a bright focal point for the whole family to anticipate as part of a healthy and cancer-free future.

The Wish… My son’s wish was simple; to go spend time with his best friend in Pocatello, Idaho. From the moment we were picked up at our home by a limo to go to the airport and at every carefully planned adventure during the Wish, we were surrounded by the overwhelming kindness of complete strangers. Imagine how you would feel after four straight days of receiving genuine kindness and generosity from everyone you met. I can testify that for my family it felt AMAZING! What a journey it was to travel from the lowest of lows, potentially losing my son, to the highest of highs on our Wish trip.

Three years later fate brought me to work at Allegiant, a major supporter of Make-A-Wish. I am so proud to be a part of a company that pours out so much love and kindness to hundreds of wish kids and their families. To see all that Allegiant does and to now be a part of the “kindness of strangers” means the world to me. Every act of kindness from our Stations teams as they create special send offs at the airports, from our Flight crews that give cockpit tours, from our Flight Attendants that provide a world class in flight experience, from our maintenance crews that make sure the aircraft is ready to fly, to every team member that bakes, cooks, donates to raffles to raise money, to every team member that joins a Make-A-Wish Walk For Wishes; this is the “stuff” that Wishes are made of, the fuel that powers the Wish!

I was fortunate to participate in a small way at Serena’s (Allegiant’s 300th Wish kid) send off at LAS. Along with dozens of other team members we held up special balloon signs at the ticket counter. The troupe of Allegiant supporters continued to the A gates to give a final cheer of love and support to Serena and her family as they boarded the plane. I had a chance to talk to Serena’s mom prior to boarding. As chance or fate would have it, Serena and my son were treated at the same hospital and had the same nurses. I felt very fortunate to connect with one of our Wish families and give them encouragement on their journey. Many of you may never get an opportunity to be on the front line to interact with and get a “thank you” from the Wish recipient. Please know without a doubt that all that you do behind the scenes is so incredibly appreciated and you have the eternal gratitude of the Wish family.

What a great honor it is to work here at Allegiant and be a part of an amazing team that provides the “fuel” to power so many wishes!

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