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What Happens in Vegas...

Kevin Bopp & Family at the Las Vegas sign
When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Las Vegas Boulevard? Casinos? Shows and an incredible nightlife? I think Las Vegas deserves some overdue credit. Each year, Las Vegas hosts over forty kids from all around the world to have their one true wish granted.

Some of our most popular wishes involve meeting local celebrities like Criss Angel, The Property Brothers and UFC Fighters. Some kids wish to attend signature events like Monster Jam and NFR, just to name a few. And yes, some kids wish to visit the iconic Las Vegas Strip, like Kevin.

Kevin, a 14-year-old from Southern Florida, received a life-changing diagnosis when told a malignant tumor on his optic nerve will eventually take away his eyesight. With dreams of seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas, his one true wish was to visit the “Entertainment Capital of the World” before blindness sets in. Last weekend, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada and Caesars Palace made Kevin’s wish come true.

At McCarran Airport, a large group of Caesars HERO employees greeted Kevin with signs and fanfare. After a limo ride and quick stop at the Las Vegas sign complete with police escort, Caesar and Cleopatra welcomed the family to their home away from home. Sundance Helicopters donated a ride over the Las Vegas strip during July 4th celebrations. And if that wasn’t enough, Caesars donated a ride on the High Roller, VIP seating during their 50th-anniversary fireworks, a pool cabana, and more. All of these fun things are certainly what our city is known for, but what stood out the most to Kevin and his family were the people. The Las Vegas people! They were overwhelmed by the love and support they received from complete strangers.

This is why I love Las Vegas. This city is filled with caring, generous people who take great pride in welcoming and doting on our Wish Kids. So when someone asks you “What happens in Las Vegas?”, tell them wishes happen here.

Granting the one true wish of children with life-threatening medical conditions can help them feel better and possibly even get better. Wish Kids, their families, and their physicians tell us that wish experiences are turning points in their struggles with serious illnesses. Each wish a potential game-changer for the children battling for their health, and sometimes for their lives.

This summer, join me in celebrating all of the amazing things our city has to offer. Your support gives seriously ill children an experience that can improve their quality of life, fill them with hope, and strengthen their families--all while showing them a magical time in a truly unforgettable city. I hope you’re as proud as I am to live in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.


Caroline Ciocca

President & CEO

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