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Stacy’s son, Gage, was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening immune disease when only four years old. It broke her heart to see little Gage watch his big brother do things Gage felt too sick to do, or enjoy the foods he loved to eat but couldn’t. But, hope was just around the corner.

As Gage entered middle school, he met with wish granters from Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada and learned his one true wish could come true!

It wasn’t long until Gage and his family flew to Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida where Gage wished to meet all of his favorite Disney characters including Mickey, Donald and the rest of the gang. He had only heard about this magical place from his friends and couldn’t wait to experience it for himself. He wasn’t disappointed! Gage and his family had the time of their lives at Give Kids the World Village, Walt Disney World® Resort and Universal Studios. Gage also got to go fishing, horseback riding, and indulge in all-you-can-eat ice cream! For an entire week, thoughts of his illness, treatments or doctors’ appointments were a thing of the past. He and his family were able to relax and just be together like a “normal” family.

Stacy and her family were so grateful for the experience Make-A-Wish was able to provide that they decided they wanted to give back. It was actually Gage’s idea to help kids just like him get their one true wish.


“After returning from Orlando, we wanted to help Make-A-Wish,” says Stacy. “Due to medical bills, we’re not able to give financially, but we always have time for Make-A-Wish so we give back by volunteering. Make-A-Wish has given us a lifetime of memories that will last forever. We could never have experienced anything close to that.”

Stacy says that by volunteering, they continue to make more lifetime memories! Helping out at the Volunteer Appreciation Party will always top her list of favorites. She, along with the rest of the volunteers, were so happy to see wish kids there. It made it all worthwhile!

Stacy, Gage and his brother respond immediately when we need a wish ambassador. Gage makes many appearances on behalf of Make-A-Wish and he loves sharing his inspiring story. As a family, volunteering keeps them connected to an organization who gave them a life-changing experience.

“Make-A-Wish is just that —a family. They are people who care, look out for each other, and are there in times of need,” Stacy says. “The wonderful people at Make-A-Wish are always asking how Gage is feeling. It makes us feel loved and that they care so much.”

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The Wish Blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Make-A-Wish®. See how wishes come together and how they change lives forever. Hear directly from those who work or volunteer here, or those who have been transformed by a wish. And learn why we are so committed to someday granting the wish of every eligible child, every year.

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