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Sep 10, 2019


community of heroes
Make-A-Wish® was founded on the belief that a wish come true can help give children battling a critical illness hope for the future. What started with one kid, one wish and one community has turned into a worldwide vision.

Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada has honored that vision since 1996, and we have rallied our own community to create those life-changing wishes. It takes regular people doing amazing things to make the impossible happen —this was the inspiration behind our Community of Heroes.


Forget what you’ve seen in the movies. You don’t need to leap across the city in a single bound or travel through time to be a hero.

Your superpower lies within.

Being a hero can mean having unbound compassion for children who deserve a carefree childhood. It can mean being willing to donate time in a flash, or the ability to heal through giving hope.

We want to help you tap into your superpower! By becoming a member of The Wishmaker® Club, our monthly donor program, you can join the ranks of other community heroes who give strength and joy to wish kids in southern Nevada. One simple act gives you the power to help children realize their one true wish. And as we know, superheroes come in all sizes. Your monthly donation, no matter how big, can create epic change in the lives of wish kids and their families. To them, it’s more than a wish, it’s a new outlook on life.


Uncovering your superpower can be done at the speed of light. Just click here to see how you can make wishes come true. You can even earn exclusive Make-A-Wish® swag (aka Warrior Wear) — because capes are so last season.

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The Wish Blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Make-A-Wish®. See how wishes come together and how they change lives forever. Hear directly from those who work or volunteer here, or those who have been transformed by a wish. And learn why we are so committed to someday granting the wish of every eligible child, every year.

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