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The Power of Volunteering

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June honors the memory of her late mother by making wishes come true.

24 years ago, my mom heard an advertisement for the Make-A-Wish Organization. She shared with us how amazing it would be to volunteer with them, but she was working a full time job while raising a family, including a blind granddaughter, leaving her little to no extra time to permit extra activities. Yet in her heart, she always wanted to be a part of Make-A-Wish.

Unfortunately, about a year later my mother became quite sick and passed away. After a couple years of grieving and healing from my great loss, I told my father that I wanted to make my mother’s dream come true and volunteer at Make-A-Wish in her honor.

I tried to get involved at that time, but the process was not easy and I almost gave up. However, I could hear my mother’s voice telling me to continue trying and I eventually became a part of Make-A-Wish.

I am always talking about Make-A-Wish and have educated many people over the years about this organization. I had the opportunity to get several friends involved, including my brother who was living in California at the time and joined that chapter.

I have been rewarded many times over; not only was I able to do something for my mother, but I was also able to bring joy and happiness to families going through devastating times with their children by being a part of this organization. At least for a short amount of time I can bring them happiness and laughter by helping them think about their wish instead of doctor appointments and procedures.

I have had the privilege of being a part of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada for more than 17 years now. I love this organization and all it has given me. I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful families, participating in events, fundraisers, and many other activities, including working with wonderful wish partners and making new friends. However, nothing could compare to the privilege of changing the lives of families and giving them memories that will last a lifetime. I will continue my commitment to Make-A-Wish and will always strive to be the best that I can be within this organization.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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