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Sep 10, 2019


Pat and Dave
Pat and Dave Revzin are long-time volunteers for Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada, and members of The Wishmaker® Club, our monthly donor program. We actually call them superheroes.

Pat joined our team of volunteers first all the way back in 2001. As a retired teacher, she knew she wanted to give back to our community in a way that also gave back to children. Her daughter happened to be a nurse oncologist who would refer children diagnosed with a critical illness to us and knew it would be the perfect fit for her mom.

She was right.

Pat became a wish granter, and immediately fell into the role of helping kids discover their one true wish, making it a reality. She was also very passionate about spreading our message throughout the community. She spoke to schools about getting kids involved in the wish kids program, and to new doctors, practitioners and therapists about what we can do for their patients beyond medicine.

Seeing Pat’s passion and excitement for Make-A-Wish, and hearing all of her incredible wish stories, it wasn’t long before Dave was using his own powers to help make wishes come true. Today, they have granted dozens of wishes together as an amazing power couple, even being part of a “Wish of the Year” for helping create an expansive home sports sanctuary for two brothers with muscular dystrophy. From a swim spa to a basketball court and soccer field, everything was custom made so the boys could thrive while doing their favorite activities in a safe environment.

“What made it so memorable for me is how the community came together,” says Dave. “The high school came out with cheerleaders to do the reveal. We had the people at the spa company donate the crane that came in; the person laying the artificial grass got so caught up in the magnificence of this wish that he donated all of his time and materials. I learned how easy it is to ask for some help with wishes because people are really more than willing to help.”

This is the type of story only made possible by the community heroes of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada. They are the one who selflessly use their time, money, talents, or resources to turn the seemingly impossible into reality. And it’s stories like this that inspired Pat and Dave to also become part of The Wishmaker Club.

They saw and felt the impact a wish had on the lives of wish kids, their families and the community. They made it their personal goals to spread even more awareness about our mission to create life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness by donating on a monthly basis—and that’s not all.


Yes, you read that correctly. When you become part of The Wishmaker Club, your generosity will be doubled with the help of your fellow community heroes.

“The Wishmaker Club is really something that's easy, but every single day you are contributing to the magic of creating wishes, whether it’s $5 or $10,” says Pat. “No matter what problems you may have, all you have to do is think ‘I'm a member of The Wishmaker Club and I'm a ray of sunshine in somebody else's life’— and that's the way we feel about it.”

We are so incredibly grateful to volunteers and The Wishmaker Club members like Pat and Dave. Check out the video below to learn even more about their journey with Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, and how you can help make an impact on our community.


Ready to flex your own superhero muscles?  Just click here to become part of The Wishmaker Club and have your donations doubled!  You can even earn exclusive Make-A-Wish swag (aka Warrior Wear).

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