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A Wish Granter's Perspective: Pat

My daughter was a pediatric oncology nurse in Las Vegas and referred her patients to the local Make-A-Wish chapter. It was because of her that I wanted to join the organization.

The Power and Magic of a Wish

When I signed up to be a volunteer wish granter in 2001, I was so excited and thrilled by the idea of helping make wonderful wishes come true. The orientation and training whetted my enthusiasm so much that I immediately signed up for my very first wish. I was paired up with Venita, a seasoned wish granter, who showed me how the process works. 

There was something so magical about granting my first wish; I remember all the details involved in meeting with the wish teen and family; in honing in on his one true wish; the detailed and meticulous planning involved; and the wish being granted and celebrated. Randy told us that he wanted to have an electric guitar and  gave us the exact specifications for the guitar and accessories. Just seeing how much he enjoyed his wish made me want to grant another one right away.

Over the years, as an integral part of the wish team, I've granted many wishes, each one special in its own way. Whether the wish kiddos are able to express their one true wish, or are non-verbal, and have physical and/or medical challenges, they still have the same hopes, dreams, and desires as all kids have. I am in awe of these kids and their families, the courage, grace, and dignity they show during their time of medical crisis. 

When asked what was my favorite wish, I can only say, "Every one!" I enjoy seeing wish kiddos' faces as they await their wish and then see their heartfelt wishes come true. Most importantly, seeing the impact of a wish on the entire wish family is awesome, and its ripple effects are widespread for a very long time.

Now that my husband, David, is also a wish granter, we work on wishes together as a team. We love being part of the Make-A-Wish family.

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