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Feb 09, 2018


When the founders of Make-A-Wish did everything they could to make one little boy’s dream of becoming a police officer come true, no one imagined the impact it would have on thousands of kids just like him — kids battling a critical illness.

Since 1980, Make-A-Wish chapters across the country have granted more than 300,000 wishes to boys and girls with critical illnesses. As you can guess, our wish kids have quite the imagination – it’s their one true wish, after all! From rubbing elbows with their favorite celebrity to going on a shopping spree, wishes generally fall into four categories: I wish to be, I wish to go, I wish to have and I wish to meet.


When you’re faced with a critical illness it can be hard to think of life beyond hospital visits and treatments.  Kids who wish “to be” hope to do just that! From becoming CEO to transforming into a mythical character, there is no limit to what our wish kids can do with the help of our donors, sponsors, volunteers and community members!


Take a look at Kendal. She wished to be a celebrity correspondent at the inaugural iHeartRadio music awards in Los Angeles, and the stars aligned to make it happen! Check out her wish story.


A dream trip can be the perfect escape, especially when you’re a child deprived of living a carefree lifestyle. Our wish kids have been on some amazing adventures that helped them embrace life, be with family and most importantly, feel like a kid again.

When Keahi wished to go to the Cook Islands in New Zealand, it was to do more than dig his toes into the sand and drink from coconuts (although those were definitely on his list!). He wanted to meet his paternal grandparents for the first time. Read the rest of his heart-warming wish story.



When kids are faced with a critical diagnosis, they don’t really get to think about what they want anymore. Their life becomes about fighting their biggest battle and getting through every day. A wish to have allows them to think about what they truly want; something that’s just for them.

Katherine was a high school cheerleader and all she wanted was to smile at the crowd of her peers with pride. However, missing teeth made this beautiful girl become shy and self-conscious. Her wish to have a dental makeover restored her confidence and gave her more than she ever expected. See her full story!



Celebrities and role models are people most of us have to admire from afar. But not our wish kids. When they wish to meet their favorite actor, musician and athlete, among others, they not only get to shake their hand, they get some serious quality time!


Kaila discovered her creative talent while watching YouTube videos of her favorite artist Baylee Jae during long stints in the hospital. She wished to meet her artistic inspiration, and was flown to Vancouver for an experience she will never forget. Here’s her wish story.

As you can see, there really is no limit to what a wish kid can experience. Each wish is special, unique and perfect for every individual child. Want to see more amazing wish stories? Find more here!

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