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Andres Transforms
into a Model!

When Andres walks into a room, his presence naturally draws everyone’s attention. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, 19-year-old Andres loves lip-syncing and posing for photos inspired by his idol, Miley Cyrus. Andres’ confidence seemed to be unshakeable, despite his ongoing battle with epilepsy. But when he had to suddenly undergo a liver transplant, Andres’ fiery spirit began to dim.

After his unexpected liver transplant, Andres faced a bumpy road to recovery. Overcoming multiple setbacks and physical limitations, he found his self-esteem plummeting. As he focused on healing his body, Andres knew his wish would have to heal his damaged self-confidence.

Andres' Wish to be a Model

Andres’ unique wish was to be a model. Combining his passion for fashion and his budding knowledge of the modeling industry, he wanted his wish to help him look towards his future career goals, rather than hospital visits and medical procedures. In the process, he hoped to regain his lost confidence, and help others to see him as a driven young adult instead of a sick kid.

Andres' Wish to be a Model

Andres’ wish rallied the Las Vegas community together. BESTAgency gave Andres modeling lessons and developed his portfolio. Bo Beauty gave Andres a makeover that transformed him into the polished and fierce person he always envisioned himself to be. STITCHED styled Andres in sophisticated outfits, and even created a one-of-a-kind suit tailored just for him. Jerry Metellus Photography captured all of Andres’ best angles and poses at a professional one-on-one photo shoot. Everyone’s efforts culminated with Andres’ debut fashion show at the Las Vegas Fashion Council’s artLIVE! event.

Andres' Wish to be a Model

As Andres strutted down the runway, the crowd leapt to their feet in a standing ovation. With his hair and makeup flawlessly done, dressed in designer clothing and equipped with expert tips on posing and walking, Andres was a full-fledged model. His wish experience could only be topped with a modeling contract with BESTAgency! Andres’ wish allowed him to view himself in a new light and established his new career path.

Andres' Wish to be a Model

Thank you to BESTAgency, Bo Beauty, STITCHED, Jerry Metellus Photography and the Las Vegas Fashion Council for helping Andres’ wish come true!

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Andres' come true, click here.

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