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Brody wished to be a cowboy

  • Cowboy practice before hitting the open range!

  • Brody hits the saddle and rides on the open range.

  • Being a cowboy is hard work.

  • Meeting Miss Rodeo Nevada put a smile on Brody's face.

“ An avid horse lover's wish provided him with joy and inspiration ”

As an avid lover of horses, Brody wanted to do all things cowboy, from riding on the open range to watching the rodeo.

Five-year-old Brody is a sweet little boy who is an avid lover of horses. His whole room is nothing but posters and pictures of horses, shelves lined with figurines of every type of horse imaginable. So, it was no surprise when Brody told the Make-A-Wish® that he wished to ride real horses. When Brody found out that he was not only going to be riding a horse, but spending an entire week at a real dude ranch, Brody was exploding with excitement. Brody, his brother, and sister were even given backpacks loaded with canteens, scarves, snacks for the trail, games, and genuine cowboy hats. Brody and his family were soon off for their week-long stay at a true Colorado Dude Ranch. 

Once in Colorado, the wish family was shown to their bunk house that would be their home for the next week. Brody was excited that his week would be filled with riding the trails, eating, singing by the campfire, and just having fun. Brody even had his very own horse for the week, Clyde, who was specially matched for Brody. Brody loved Clyde so much, he wanted to take him home!

Brody’s parents were amazed at what an effect the trip had on their son. His battle with supravalvar pulmonary stenosis, a heart condition, leaves him seeing doctors frequently and does not allow him to be a normal little boy. Brody had such a wonderful time. At the end of the week, it was hard to say goodbye to all the new friends the family had made, but Brody’s parents say the trip was a great bonding experience and created memories to last a lifetime. They would love to one day return with Brody, to the ranch that gave him such joy and inspiration.

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