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Bobby wished to be a knight from Narnia


“ To be a knight from the World of Narnia turned into an amazing exploration. ”

- Bobby's Mom

An interest in the fantasy world of Narnia created a desire to meet the story's heros. Becoming a knight turned him into the hero of his own story.

Ten-year-old Bobby could hardly wait for his wish. After battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, he wanted to see his warrior heroes from the World of Narnia! Bobby and his family went on an adventure to Buffalo, New York to see the traveling Narnia Exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Before leaving for his trip, Bobby had a great send-off at the Sunset Park Renaissance Fair, where he was knighted and had dinner with the King and Queen.  

On Bobby’s wish day, he was given a knight’s costume and sword to wear during his special one-on-one guided tour through the exhibit. The exhibit featured hands-on, interactive elements from the films, as well as artifacts from C.S. Lewis’ study, a replica of the White Witch’s Throne, a working catapult, and a sword used in the movies. Bobby loved every part of the exhibit.

The Wish Family was also able to visit Niagara Falls, the Buffalo Zoo, Anchor Bar (home of the original Buffalo Wings), the Aquarium of Niagara, and the musical Wicked. Bobby thought Niagara Falls was really impressive and loved all of the special effects at Wicked. One of his favorite activities was watching the trainers feeding the seals and sharks at the aquarium.

Bobby still cannot decide what his favorite part was. His mom is grateful for the memories they made.


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