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Quinn was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2016 before her second birthday. While many toddlers are busy dividing their days between naps and playtime, Quinn was undergoing surgery to have a VNS device implanted, recovering from a fractured clavicle and being rushed to the ER at a moment’s notice.

How does someone so small handle some of life’s biggest obstacles? With a mermaid-like spirit, of course. Let us explain.

Quinn adores mermaids. She’s mesmerized by their flowing hair, sparkling tails and overall ethereal beauty. Every mermaid she has ever seen on TV or in books has always exuded incredible happiness and strength, and that is what Quinn has clung to as she battles her diagnosis.

What do you think Quinn wished for when she discovered her one-true wish could become a reality? You guessed it: Quinn wanted to become a mermaid.

Our talented friends at the costume department of Cirque du Soleil dove into the challenge of creating everything Quinn would need to transform into her favorite aquatic figure, right down to her turquoise and lavender locks and shimmering tail. But there was one more surprise waiting for this mermaid-to-be:  a glittering tiara.


Now all Quinn needed was her watery wonderland. Donning her tiara and clutching a brand new Ariel doll given to her by Mandalay Bay, she was escorted to the beautiful Mandalay Bay pool where she was greeted by Cirque du Soleil performers, photographers and local media.


Quinn was a natural as she slipped into the water and realized her wish had officially come true. She was as beautiful and magical as the mythical creatures that have inspired her throughout her journey.


“She hasn’t been this happy in such a long time,” Quinn’s Mom gushed after her big day. “She even had to wear her costume, minus the big tail, to the neurologist and other doctor appointments. She kept saying it was the best day ever!”

That is what Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada is all about; helping wish kids and families find hope and healing during their darkest hours. We are so honored to be part of Quinn’s story and can’t wait to see how she continues her mermaid tale.

If you would like to be part of helping make wishes like Quinn’s come true, click here!

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