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Alexa wished to go to Disney Aulani®

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“ Alexa smiled more than ever before ”

As she completed the first grade, Alexa was confined to a hospital room while her classmates enjoyed field trips and science experiments. Due to a medulloblastoma diagnosis, Alexa spent almost an entire year in the hospital. Most of that time was spent watching her favorite shows on the Disney Channel while teams of medical professionals worked to cure her aggressive brain tumor. From time to time she would see an advertisement for Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, while watching her favorite Disney shows. The commercials for Aulani were completely captivating, and Alexa dreamt of one day visiting the place that combined two of her most favorite things: Disney and the beach!

Alexa used the thought of Aulani to bring her hope and strength during prolonged treatments and hard days. As Alexa approached the second grade, she found herself in remission from medulloblastoma and able to attend school again. Not long after, Alexa met with volunteers from Make-A-Wish®, and she proudly told them all about Disney Aulani® and how she couldn’t wait to visit. This past fall, Alexa and her family were on their way to the resort where they experienced endless joy and made life-long memories, free from painful tests or doctor’s appointments. 

“I can't believe I actually danced the hula with Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii,” said Alexa in sheer excitement when sharing about her wish experience.

Alexa’s family said Alexa was smiling more than they had ever seen her smile and that she was much more relaxed, more like she was before her diagnosis as a result of her wish come true. The relaxation of the beach and the excitement expressed by Alexa renewed her family’s strength to continue through the recovery process.

Through the hope and excitement of her wish coming true, Alexa’s family received relief in the midst of hardship while Alexa received the trip of a lifetime and hope for her future. 

I can't believe I actually danced the hula with Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii! ”

— Alexa

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