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Brynn's wish to go to Walt Disney World® comes true


“ Nothing but smiles for Brynn ”

Adopt-A-Wish Sponsor: Sun City Garage Doors

At only four years old, Brynn exhibits incredible strength and a positive attitude on a daily basis.

Any time spent with her family brings Brynn joy. One of her favorite things to do is to be read to by either her mom, dad, or grandmother. Despite her devastating condition, Brynn absolutely loves to use all of her abilities to run around the house, swim in the pool, and play on the swings. Nothing can stop her from going out and enjoying her life simply being a kid—not even acute myeloid leukemia.

Throughout her time spent in the hospital, Brynn watched many movies and television shows on the Disney channel that would brighten her entire day. Many of the characters completely captivated Brynn, allowing her to use her imagination to bring herself out of her current circumstances and into a world filled with bright colors, vibrant personalities, and fun songs to sing. For a child as outgoing and playful as Brynn, Disney World® seemed like the obvious choice for her wish.

On her trip, Brynn experienced the magic of the characters that brought her through her toughest times. She had the opportunity to ride on the carousel and meet some of her favorite characters—including Mary Poppins—all with her family right by her side.

Disney World provided Brynn and her family with the experience they needed to replenish their strength and hope for the future. 

Thank you to Sun City Garage Doors for helping us grant wishes, just like Brynn's!

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