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Ciera wished to go to Aulani, a Disney® Resort & Spa

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“ Wishes restore families ”

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Diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia, Ciera’s childhood has looked drastically different from her twin sister, Sophia.

Due to her diagnosis, Ciera and Sophia have virtually been separated for half of their lives while mom and dad traded off hospital duties for little Ciera. Natives of Lake Havasu, Arizona, Ciera was forced to travel to Las Vegas for treatments while the rest of the family remained back in Arizona.

The severity of Ciera’s condition was such that Sophia was rarely allowed to visit her in the hospital, and led to many difficult conversations between mom and dad as they tried to explain to both girls why they couldn’t be together. While Ciera’s illness was painful for the family to endure, the separation they experienced during her treatments was equally as upsetting.

Fortunately, once the family met with volunteers from Make-A-Wish®, they began thinking of a wish experience to heal their hearts and bring their family together again. Ciera has long loved watching The Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse Club, and princess movies. Additionally, Ciera and Sophia love playing together in the sand and waves at the beach. After sharing these thoughts and talking through the possibilities, it was determined a wish to Disney’s Aulani Resort would be the perfect blend of Disney and the beach that Ciera and Sophia would be sure to love.

Ciera's Reveal

Following a special Frozen themed Wish Reveal generously sponsored by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Ciera and her family were off to Hawaii to experience their wish come true. More than that, this wish gave them the gift of togetherness and normalcy without fear of illness or upcoming appointments. This wish allowed their hearts to heal from the pain of a child diagnosed with a critical illness and provided them with quality time as a family, finally together at last. 

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