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Elann wished to go to Hawaii to see a volcano from a helicopter

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“ A wish come true can change a life. ”

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At the tender age of four, Elann was faced with the devastating diagnosis of an immunodeficiency disorder. He spent many days either in a clinic or confined within hospital walls while his friends and classmates enjoyed recess, play dates and the joy of a carefree childhood. Elann couldn’t understand why his friends were able to do so many of the things he used to enjoy while he was forced to undergo tests, treatments, shots and what seemed liked endless doctors’ visits.

One day while Elann was visiting with his doctor, he received a special gift. In an effort to keep his mind off of treatments and provide him with something fun to look at, Elann’s doctor gave him a beautiful calendar filled with images of volcanoes in Hawaii. Elann could barely believe his eyes. He became captivated with the amazing images, spending hours browsing the catalogue and thinking about what it might be like to see such a powerful volcano in person.

Not long after he received his calendar, Elann again learned he was receiving another special gift of a magical wish come true. Elann and his family met with volunteer wish granters from Make-A-Wish®, and Elann eagerly showed them his calendar with the magnificent volcanoes. Elann shared he would love to see these volcanoes in person…just as they were photographed for the calendar from a helicopter above! Elann’s wish granters went to work planning an extra special Wish Reveal at the Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. As Elann learned his wish to go to Hawaii to see volcanoes from a helicopter was coming true, he shrieked with excitement! For the first time in a long time, his illness wasn't the first thing on his mind. Now, he was only focused on his magical wish coming true.

Once the family arrived in Hawaii, they were greeted with leis to kick start their Hawaiian adventure. The family enjoyed a few days at the beach, but when the time came for Elann to put on his helicopter gear, he was overwhelmed with excitement. As the helicopter rose higher and higher, the smell of salt water grew faint. Full of anticipation, Elann's eyes scoured the island for the sight of a volcano. And in the distance, his eyes focused on the one thing he flew miles and miles to see; a real volcano. As Elann circled the volcano from above, his illness was the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he only felt the sheer joy of a wish come true—a moment he knows he will remember for the rest of his life. 

It gave me a happy break ”

— Elann

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