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Hannah was full of joy during the whole experience

Hannah wished to meet her favorite princess at Walt Disney World Resort.

“ She was overwhelmed with happiness. ”

- Christina, Hannah's mom

When Hannah wants to forget about her sickle cell disease, she fills her thoughts with castles, kingdoms, and fairy tales.

Her imagination transports her to enchanted lands, where she and her favorite character, Queen Elsa, are the best of friends. In this imaginary land, Hannah doesn’t have long days at the clinic, shots, or blood transfusions. Instead, she and Elsa play freely, without a care in the world. It’s these imaginary tales that keep Hannah company most days, and she’s quick to turn to her imagination when the weight of her diagnosis starts to feel like too much. 

It was a day like any other when Hannah’s life took a dramatic change for the better. Following a day at the clinic, Hannah’s parents told her some new friends were coming to the house that night. Hannah was eager to meet her new friends—volunteer wish granters from Make-A-Wish®—and when they arrived at her house, they started talking about a wish come true. Hannah could hardly believe her ears; a wish come true?! Most of all, Hannah knew this was her chance to meet Queen Elsa, and she quickly showed her wish granters, Molly and Anita, her Elsa dolls and even dressed up in her favorite Elsa costume. 

Hannah wished to meet her favorite princess at Walt Disney World Resort.Hannah soon found out her wish was coming true when she had a pizza party surrounded by friends and family! A few days later, she and her family were off to Orlando, where they enjoyed the incredible hospitality at Give Kids the World Village®. Her mom Christina mentions that “the set up and experience was beyond amazing”. Hannah loved having the ability to meet all the characters by using her special genie pass. This pass even made it possible to meet her favorite princess of all, Elsa!

“Hannah was full of joy during the whole experience,” shares her mom. “She was overwhelmed with happiness and star struck when she saw her favorite characters.” Since her wish, Hannah has finished 1st grade on the honor roll and has lost her 5th tooth. Her mom says she is doing very well; “she is such an encouragement and positive example for us to stay strong. The best is yet to come. Even after coming home (from her wish), she is happy, and mentions her wish experience often.”

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