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Hannah wished to go to Walt Disney World


“ I like the princesses who are brave like me... ”

- Hannah

Wishes are much more than a trip, an item, or a fun experience. They are the embodiment of hope, strength, and joy combined; something unique and powerful. Wish Kid Hannah experienced this power firsthand.

  • Hannah meets Sam I Am and the Grinch

  • Hannah with her favorite princess, Mulan

  • Hannah meets the step-sisters!

At seven-years-old, Hannah found herself in a battle against acute myeloid leukemia and facing a bone marrow transplant. As she watched her friends attending field trips she wasn’t well enough to attend, scheduling play dates she wasn’t well enough to experience and enjoying the carefree childhood she didn’t have, Hannah found strength in the support of her family and remained brave in the face of her battle. Cancer threatened to rob Hannah of many experiences, but she promised she would win in the end.

Like others her age, Hannah loved the Disney princesses, but for different reasons. Her favorites? “I like the princesses like Mulan and Rapunzel, who are brave like me,” Hannah told volunteer Wish Granters, Pat and Betty. Hannah admired the strength of these princesses and often found herself reflecting on the battles in their stories as she faced a fight of her own.

Hannah’s wish granters quickly gathered Hannah’s most heartfelt wish to travel to Walt Disney World® to meet the ladies who gave her so much inspiration and joy. After patiently waiting two years for her body to be well enough to travel and following a surprise wish reveal at the local Disney® store, Hannah and her family were on their way to Florida to experience the Happiest Place on Earth and all it had to offer.

For an entire week, Hannah experienced sheer joy as she explored the parks and came face to face with the characters she knew and loved. “I met with all the princesses and Disney characters. I got lots of hugs from all the characters. Cinderella told me I give the best hugs,” Hannah told us. “I was the first person to meet Mulan one morning. I told her she was my favorite princess because she is so brave. She told me I was brave too and kissed my forehead!”

Hannah’s wish granter, Pat, shared “Hannah fought a hard fight and won. Mulan, the warrior princess, known for her bravery was Hannah’s source of inspiration. And Hannah’s indomitable spirit is so inspirational to me, making me so happy to be a wish granter.”

Hannah’s wish come true was more than a vacation to a theme park—it was the chance to take back a part of her childhood cancer had stolen from her and a joyful return to normalcy for a family who needed it most.

My trip was amazing, exhilarating, grrreat—just thrilltastic!! It was better than I could ever imagine ”

— Hannah

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