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Tori wished to go to the Bahamas


“ Tori’s Bahamian adventure created many memories to share for years to come ”

Looking for a combination of adventure and relaxation, Tori knew a tropical location would provide the best of both.

Tori is a 16-year-old who loves adventure.  Diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer, Tori was excited to meet with Make-A-Wish® and take her mind off her treatment.  Tori was a little shy and quiet at first, but once she began speaking with her wish granters, Tori became more excited and shared her wish to travel to the Bahamas.  Tori said she had never been to such a tropical location and said how exciting it would be.  Tori was overjoyed to learn she would soon be traveling to the Bahamas for a week with her mom and best friend!  This was something that made Tori smile from ear-to-ear, and before long Tori, her mom and best friend were off to paradise. 

Once they arrived on Nassau, the girls checked into their beach front hotel where they would be spending a week relaxing and exploring.  The girls fit in parasailing, an island tour, an island picnic cruise and swimming with the dolphins during their time on the island.  Tori’s favorite part of swimming with the dolphins was when she danced with a dolphin under water. 

Everyone had an amazing time exploring the Bahamas.  Tori could not stop talking about and sharing pictures of her wonderful time.  She and her mom agreed that their week in the Bahamas was a much needed break from the rigorous treatment schedule they were all too use to maintaining.  Tori’s Bahamian adventure created many memories to share for years to come. 


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