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Jillian wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort

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“ She was full of smiles ”

- Jillian's Mom

Jillian is charming and cheerful with a larger than life personality. She remains upbeat and joyful, despite her neuroblastoma diagnosis at the young age of 3 years old.

Jillian is especially fond of music, and enjoyed singing along to her favorite songs, even at the hospital. In spite of the progression of her illness, she continued to watch her favorite sing-a-long video of Disney World® on a daily basis. She had always told her mother she would take a trip to Disney World when she was better, but she didn’t realize she would be given the opportunity to go so soon! When her Wish Granters asked where she wanted to go, she exclaimed without hesitation, DISNEY WORLD! “I want to go there very bad. It will make me feel so much better. I want to see Mickey and Minnie… oh and Tinkerbelle, Periwinkle and Ariel!” And the list went on and on!

The sparkle in her eyes instantly came back as she continued to describe her Disney World wish list. Not only was Jillian excited for her wish, but it also gave her the strength she needed to keep fighting. With some help from Make-A-Wish® volunteers, Jillian received her wish to go to Disney World.

Once they arrived at the park, Jillian was on a mission. She wanted to track down every Disney character and princess, the same characters and princesses she had come to know and love while watching the Disney sing-a-long video in the hospital. She had her photo taken with Tinkerbelle, spent time visiting with Goofy, Donald Duck, and Louie and Baloo from The Jungle Book, and even went on a safari. At the Island to Adventure, Jillian met Minion Mayhem, Shrek, and the donkey. She also saw Shrek 4-D.

Jillian and her family continued to spend time exploring the parks and mingling with characters, and during the Electric Parade, Snow White came up to Jillian (who was wearing her Make-A-Wish® shirt) and gave her a giant hug.

While at Disney World, she never tired and was able to meet all of the wonderful characters she had grown so fond of during her treatment. When we asked her mother how the trip went, her response was tear jerking, “In such a horrific year, we were able to see a smile on Jillian’s face that we had not seen before.” “She was full of smiles and energy. Each day gave her something else to look forward to.”

  • The whole family with Mickey Mouse!

  • Jillian and Tinker Bell

  • Jillian with Ariel

  • Jillian and Minnie Mouse

  • Jillian and Tiana

In such a horrific year, we were able to see a smile on Jillian’s face that we had not seen before. ”

— Jillian's Mom

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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