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Joey wished to go to Hawaii


“ I loved surfing ”

- Joey

In the warm, tropical waters of the ocean, fifteen-year-old Joey can’t help but forget about the illness that threatens his life.

Ewing’s sarcoma has not only taken a toll on his body, but has added a blur of constant hospital visits, doctors’ appointments and treatments...the three things no 15-year-old should have to worry about. However, once Joey wished to go to Hawaii, all of these distractions faded into the background. For a week, Joey and his family enjoyed the sun and the surf, free from doctors and medical appointments. Joey surfed, hiked, parasailed and snorkeled, and made lasting memories with his family. Joey’s favorite part? “I loved surfing,” Joey said. “I was even able to catch a wave…I can’t wait to do it again.” This wish gave Joey hope, strength and joy, at a time when he and his family needed it most.

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