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Jon Ryan

“ You cannot buy this experience, and we are so thankful and very happy for it. ”

- Lorraine, wish mom

Jon Ryan has endured more medical challenges than most people will in a lifetime. His wish to go to Disneyland was the perfect break he needed to think positively and stay hopeful.

Jon Ryan

A small but feisty young boy, Jon Ryan has a rare congenital heart condition called dextrocardia. At four years of age, having five medical specialists is his idea of normal. Having endured his first open heart surgery when he was only one month old, his first year of life was spent in a hospital.

After being introduced to Make-A-Wish by one of the doctors at Children’s Heart Center, Jon Ryan began thinking about his ultimate wish. Where would he go? What would he do? Who would he meet?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are by far his favorite storybook characters and traveling to Disneyland to meet them in person was instantly the main topic of conversation when Jon Ryan met with his wish discovery volunteers.

Jon Ryan imagined having breakfast with all of his favorite life size characters and instantly lit up. At that moment he knew he wanted to go ride all of his favorite rides and enjoy time with his family without thinking about his complicated heart condition. 

Jon Ryan

Although the future may seem complicated for little Jon Ryan, his wish will continue to show him how to be brave and hopeful as time goes on. Many take their health for granted and will never experience in a lifetime what Jon Ryan has contended with in just four short years.

The memories of meeting Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland continue to make him grin from ear to ear every time he thinks about his magical wish. 

Jon RYan

You can help give children like Jon Ryan their one true wish. Click here to refer a child today. 

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