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“ It was one of the best experiences I’ve had ever! ”

- wish kid, Jordan

15-year-old Jordan has astounding flexibility - literally. He can balance a busy teenager’s life with monthly hospital visits and twist his body into multiple flips and tricks on the gym floor. He’s a force to be reckoned with and nothing, not even a blood disorder, will slow him down from joining his cheer team at practice and competitions.

His condition puts him at a high risk for strokes and organ failure, and he has already undergone multiple surgeries, including the removal of his spleen, gallbladder and tonsils. He also visits a hematologist once a month to check his central line and has a red blood cell exchange every few weeks which keeps him in the hospital for at least 3 days every month. Contradictory to his complicated medical history, Jordan moves just as quickly and gracefully as the rest of his team. His athletic abilities developed at a young age; despite being diagnosed at 5 months. His sense of rhythm grew through ballet and tap dancing, which eventually led him to a gymnastics studio where a cheer coach noticed his skills, and the rest is history.
Jordan's wish to go to Woodward Cheer Camp
To no one’s surprise, Jordan’s wish revolved around his love of cheer and tumbling. After perusing YouTube and social media, Jordan wished to go to Woodward Cheer Camp in Pennsylvania. He hoped to develop skills that would last beyond the wish trip and contribute to his future cheer career. As soon as his wish was revealed, he and his sister – who was also invited! –began meticulously researching and planning for their big trip.

After traveling across the country, Jordan and his sister, Anjlai, dove headfirst into all things cheer. They trained with the top coaches in the country and showed off their new tricks during open gym. Jordan had the opportunity to meet others who shared his excitement for the sport and make lifelong friends. In fact, they’re planning on reuniting at future cheer competitions!
Jordan's wish to go to Woodward Cheer Camp
Upon his return, Jordan’s energy levels noticeably increased, and he has a newfound determination to work harder, win more competitions and move on to college cheer. Jordan’s wish has altered the course of his life and makes him hopeful for the future.

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