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Keahi wished to go to the Cook Islands to meet his grandparents

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“ This wish brought our family together ”

Keahi is not your average eighteen-year-old. Although he loves video games, skateboarding, and playing on his PS4, when given the opportunity of a lifetime, he wished for something that would change the lives of him and his family forever.

Keahi comes from a tight-knit family, where being together and including each other is key in their day to day lives.  Following an acute lymphoid leukemia diagnosis in 2014, his family rallied together to be there for Keahi at all costs. Their constant support and loving encouragement during his dark days gave him the strength to fight his illness.

Once Volunteer wish granters from Make-A-Wish® entered the picture, Keahi shared his ideas for his one true wish: to travel to the Cook Islands to meet his paternal grandparents.  Because family is of such importance to him, Keahi wanted to know the part of his family he never met and share a “beautiful family reunion together, enjoying family in the tropical islands of [his] father.”

After a sendoff party at Outback Steakhouse, Keahi and his family left for their trip to New Zealand.  Once they landed in the Cook Islands, his grandma and grandpa were there to greet them with open arms.  For the first time in their lives, all the boys were meeting their father’s parents, and emotions were running wild with joy. From the infinite smiles and never-ending laughter, it was clear to see this wish was more than a wish come true, it was the reunion of a family that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

From being on the islands, to enjoying quality time with their grandparents, and cracking open a coconut to drink from, Keahi’s trip was fantastic to say the least.  His father, Henry, expressed his gratitude and appreciation, “Our family will never forget our incredible trip to the Cook Islands and for the first time, Keahi and his brothers finally met their grandpa and grandma.”

  • Keahi and his family, together at last

  • Keahi and grandma taking a selfie

  • Keahi and his grandpa

  • Keahi and family en route to the Cook Islands

I wish you guys were there to witness the emotions of joy from my boys. Thank you very much. ”

— Keahi's Father

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