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Leon wished to go to Disneyland®

Leon with Buzz

“ Buzz Lightyear and Leon became the best of friends. ”

Meeting Buzz Lightyear was the highlight of Leon's wish.

Leon clearly loves Disney® characters.  His room is filled with Toy Story action figures, Disney books, stuffed animals, and an impressive toy car collection.

Leon's one true wish was to go to Disneyland®.  Make-A-Wish®, along with the support of donors and volunteers, made it happen.  Leon's favorite Disney® character is Buzz Lightyear so we set the wheels in motion for Leon to meet his buddy Buzz at Disneyland®.  Leon and his family had a wonderful time at Disneyland.  Now that the trip is over, Leon's best memory is certain to be meeting his friend Buzz.  Together, they played video games and ate pizza just like Leon does with his toy Buzz Lightyear at home.  Leon's family believes this was the experience of a lifetime.  Together they shared something very special - something to carry them through the days and years ahead.

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