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Rebecca’s wish to go on a Disney Cruise was “unforgettable”!

Rebecca wished to go on a Disney Cruise.

“ Everything was unforgettable! ”

- Rebecca

Rebecca is an 18-year-old who likes spending time with friends, listening to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, eating junk food like Doritos, and reading.

She adores the color pink, dolphins, and Disney Princesses. Rebecca—or “Becky” to her many friends—sounds like a typical teenager, yet this remarkable young woman is anything but that: she has been bravely battling leukemia since 2012.

Having spent quite a bit of time in and out of the hospital, coming up with her one true wish gave Rebecca something to look forward to throughout many treatment sessions. Her wish? “I've wanted to go on a Disney Cruise for a long time. I want to ride the AquaDuck (water coaster), eat good food, spend lots of time with the characters, swim with the dolphins, hang out at the teen club and spa, and relax and have fun with my mom since we've been through so much together." 

Wish granters revealed Rebecca's wish to her just before she and a friend headed to a Justin Bieber concert--excitement for the concert suddenly took a back seat to news of a cruise in her future! Though postponed initially by her doctor to allow her to recover fully before departure, Rebecca at last set sail in December 2016, to cruise the Caribbean in Disney style.

Joined by her mom, Rebecca was whisked away in a limo to start her journey. Her trip included character breakfasts, all the delicious food and activities onboard her cruise liner, and swimming with the dolphins, her favorite part. “The wish has impacted me very much since the first day I set foot on the boat to the last day on it,” said Rebecca. “Everything was unforgettable!”

I wanted to relax and have fun with my mom since we've been through so much together. ”

— Rebecca

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