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Bathed In Love

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“ Bathed In Love ”

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Allison is a 17-year-old from Southern Nevada who lives anything but an ordinary teenage lifestyle. Born with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that affects the nervous system, she is incapable of walking, eating, or breathing on her own. The doctors warned her parents that she most likely would not live past the age of two, but Allison has defied the odds year after year, proving her strength and resilience.

Allison has been involved with Make-A-Wish® since she was born; however, her parents wanted to wait until she was old enough to choose a wish on her own. Given her condition, it was challenging to come up with something that would accommodate her needs. After much consideration Allison, along with her family and wish granters Pat and Barbara, dreamed up the perfect wish—a bathroom makeover! 

Allison’s favorite part of the day is something many of us take for granted: bath time. It is this simple joy that provides her the most solace and happiness. When Allison is in the bath her body is weightless under the water, allowing her muscles to relax and giving her temporary movement in her limbs.

She’ll sit in there for two hours just listening to music,” Allison’s mom, Sandy, shared.

As she grew older, Allison began to outgrow her bathtub and it became clear that a customized bathtub could work wonders for her continued perseverance. With the help of Martin-Harris Construction and the generous donation of multiple subcontractors, Make-A-Wish began the process of completely transforming Allison’s bathroom. The bathroom remodel was unveiled on a beautiful day in January 2017. Allison and her family, including brother Cashel, who has the same genetic disease and is also a Wish Kid, were all incredibly emotional as they witnessed Allison’s dreams turn into reality!

We were so patient because we knew however it would work out would be perfect,” Sandy said with a smile. “And it did.

The makeover included a larger tub that was elevated to make it more comfortable for Allison and easier for her parents to stand while bathing her. A wheelchair-accessible shower was also added, as well as a jukebox so she can do two of her favorite things at once—bathing and listening to music!

Special thanks to Martin-Harris ConstructionKalb Industries of NevadaM-Core ConstructionCarpets-N-MoreA Campagna Co.Bruin PaintingHelix Electric IncThe Whiting-Turner Contracting Co, and Cashman Photo Enterprises for helping making Allison's wish come true! 

We were so patient because we knew however it would work out would be perfect, and it did. ”

— Sandy, Allison's Mom

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