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  • Andrew getting ready for his wish reveal!

  • Andrew's wish was revealed at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway before the South Point 400.

  • Andrew and his family head home with his new travel trailer in tow.

“ Family is
Everything. ”

- Jared, Andrew's Father

Sponsored by Findlay Automotive, Findlay Toyota, Fndlay RV

When we think of childhood, we often reminisce on the simpler times, when our biggest stressor was deciding which superhero was our favorite. However, for five-year-old, Andrew, childhood was much different.

His biggest stressor had nothing to do with toys and fantasy movies, and everything to do with survival. Born in Bulgaria, Andrew spent his first two years living in a dilapidated orphanage. He was deprived of the most basic human needs like social interaction, proper nutrition, and general hygiene, and had formed a severe lung disease. Suffering from chronic pulmonary disease and global developmental delays, life was bleak for Andrew, and so it seemed was his future. 

That is until two real-life super heroes swooped in: his adoptive parents.

When Andrew's mother and father brought him home, he weighed just 11-pounds. He was suffering from the debilitating effects of malnutrition, but they knew their son was a fighter. His parents began nursing him back to health and watched as he began progressing into the healthy young boy that he is now. 

“He has come a long way,” Andrew’s mom said about his progress over the past two years. “He couldn’t even lift his head. He has a ways to go still, but he never made eye contact before, and now he’ll look at us.

Although he still has battles ahead of him, Andrew continues to make great strides in his health and is helped along by his four new siblings, whom he adores. However, with his brothers and sisters traveling for sports frequently, Andrew was often left behind with his grandmother since hotels cannot always accommodate his medical needs.

But not anymore! With the support of Findlay Management, Findlay Toyota, and Findlay RV, Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada was able to grant Andrew’s one true wish to have a travel trailer. Andrew will no longer miss out on fun trips - he will be right there with his family, sipping on chocolate milk, and enjoying his wonderful childhood years.

A wish this big received a reveal of equal size when Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada Board Member Kevin Camper arranged for Andrew’s wish to be revealed during the NASCAR pre-race ceremonies at the Inaugural South Point 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

"It's going to be nice to be able to stay as a family. Family is everything," Andrew’s father said.

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Andrew’s come true, click here.

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