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Antonio - I wish to have a Fortnite gaming console

A Gaming Wish Come True

Antonio is a budding future scientist who can appear a bit shy, but he loves life, people and science.

Antonio has a condition that prevents his body from producing adrenaline, which means physical activity is difficult and must be closely monitored. This also means that he cannot attend public school, so he and one of his brothers are homeschooled by their caring and attentive mother. That said, nothing slows him down as he focuses on the activities he can do, like science experiments and online videos teaching survival skills.

In deciding on his wish, Antonio came up with a fantastically detailed plan, focusing on the things that he wanted most and giving potential wish experts a lot of creative work. But since he is limited in where he can go and what he can go out and do, Antonio’s wish is about something that he can continue to enjoy over the years. Because of Antonio’s physical restrictions, he likes to escape into the online gaming world, especially playing the game Fortnite. His wish will allow him to interact with others in the virtual world when it becomes difficult to do so in the physical.

For his wish reveal, Antonio and his family headed via a stretch limousine to GameWorks at Town Square. Upon arrival, he walked the blue carpet and was greeted by a crowd of Make-A-Wish volunteers letting him know his wish was coming true. The day after dinner and games at GameWorks in a private dining room, volunteers installed Antonio’s new TV and PlayStation in his room and he couldn’t contain his excitement. 

Mom said that this wish was something that was going to give Antonio the most happiness as he continues to battle his critical illness. 

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  • Volunteers wait to greet Antonio at his wish reveal

  • Antonio's wish is revealed - he sure is excited!

  • Antonio's wish came true!

  • Antonio's wish came true!

  • MAWSNV staff commemorated Antonio's wish

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