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Bubba goes on an electronics shopping spree

  • Dedicated volunteers from House Advantage came together to make Bubba's wish come true.

  • A limousine awaited to whisk Bubba and his family away for a day of shopping.

  • Volunteers worked to help Bubba pick out the perfect electronics equipment.

  • A celebration at the House Advantage offices featuring Bubba's favorite foods capped off an exciting wish day.

  • No wish celebration would be complete without an appearance by Bubba's favorite Star Wars characters.

“ For Bubba, electronics help him communicate with his family. ”

Adopt-A-Wish® Sponsor: House Advantage

wish kid William—who goes by "Bubba"—is 11 years old and loves Star Wars and listening to pop music.

P!nk and Katy Perry are his favorite singers, and he likes McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Bubba is non-verbal and has severe autism, yet electronic devices help him communicate with his family. In the summer of 2015, he woke up with trouble breathing. Doctors initially diagnosed him with pneumonia, but they later confirmed that he was battling acute renal failure and needed a new kidney. 

While waiting for a transplant, Bubba went through dialysis three times a week, each time for three hours. The activity that brought Bubba peace and even entertainment during treatments was exploring the internet and "traveling the world" on an iPad. Sadly, his iPad was stolen. It’s no surprise that when Bubba was asked what his one true wish was, it became quickly apparent what he wanted: an electronics shopping spree!

Enter Bubba’s wish granters: Jon and the team at Home Advantage. Bubba received his kidney transplant in the fall of 2016, and his wish was granted in December of the same year. Instead of a traditional shopping spree in an electronics store, Bubba and his family were whisked to House Advantage headquarters in a limo. There, Star Wars characters and House Advantage employees welcomed Bubba on a scavenger hunt to find all his new electronic toys!

During his wish-granting scavenger hunt, Bubba discovered an iPad with a durable case, a desktop computer, iPad controlled toys, and even iTunes gift cards to purchase games and communication apps. His family and new friends from House Advantage then sat down to a feast of French fries, Chicken McNuggets, and Twinkies. Bubba then immediately started playing with his new toys with a huge smile on his face, thanks to Jon and the whole gang at House Advantage!

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