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A Wish with a
Pop of Colour

Sponsored by ColourPop

In the fall of 2017, a pain in seventeen-year-old Delilah’s left arm woke her up in the middle of the night. At first, doctors told her she had just slept on it funny. But Delilah knew something was wrong.

After visits to several doctors, Delilah was diagnosed with an aggressive osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, and immediately began chemotherapy treatments that made her very sick. Delilah relied not only on her family’s unwavering support during this time but leaned on her fellow patients to help get her through the days. “There's kids like me in there,” she explained. “[Let’s] go in there and cherish the moment. Let's have a little fun to get our minds off of having chemo or medicines that make us weak and not feel good."

Just before surgery in December 2017, Delilah met with Make-A-Wish volunteers to discover her wish and begin her wish journey. Inspired by her experience, Delilah wished to create a line of makeup for cancer patients, to help others who face the changes in appearance that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Expressing her personality through makeup has always been a passion of Delilah’s. “Before my cancer journey, I loved makeup. I loved playing with makeup and doing makeup. Picking makeup dedicated to cancer patients…they could be doing it in the hospital and having fun with makeup to get their minds off of anything they're going through.

One week before her final chemo treatment, Delilah headed to The Wishing Place and was surprised with a special message from ColourPop Cosmetic’s Jordynn and Sharon – her wish was coming true! 


Not long after, Delilah was whisked off to ColourPop’s Los Angeles Headquarters where she was greeted by the entire team. After a tour of the facility, Delilah donned her personalized lab coat and got to work designing her line. 


Featuring a combination of eye shadows and lipsticks, each item in Delilah’s line is personally named for part of her journey with the goal of inspiring other children battling critical illnesses. 

The Delilah x ColourPop Collection designed by Delilah is on sale now, with 20% of proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. And, exclusively during launch week October 11-17, ColourPop will also donate 20% of the proceeds from brow kits.  Delilah believes makeup helps patients feel stronger and hopes these products provide cancer patients with strength and encourage them to persevere throughout their treatment plan. “I feel like makeup makes me feel more confident,” Delilah said, and hopes that her line will help other cancer patients feel that same confidence. Her message to them?

“I know it's a rough patch in life. I know, but just cherish the moment with family. Just look in the bright side of everything. Try to make something out of it. Try to be happy.”

After Delilah's collection went on sale, she got the chance to give back to the nurses and staff who helped her through her medical journey and provide inspiration to the patients still receiving treatment. Thank you to Summerlin Hospital for creating Delilah's Makeup Studio!

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Delilah’s come true, click here.

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