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Cinthya wished to have a Quinceanera


“ A soft statement turned into a spectacular Quinceanera! ”

Hair dressers, manicurists, a gown, butterflies and dancing made for a magical Quinceanera. This young woman's fairytale Quniceanera came to life.

A shy but brave 15-year-old, Cinthya is battling hydrocephalus and spina bifida, both of which have left her wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life. Cinthya was very excited to meet with her wish granters and took her time going through the different ideas she had for her wish.  Right before her wish granters were about to leave, however, she softly said she really wanted a Quinceanera party. Her 15th birthday was quickly approaching, and she wanted nothing more than to have a beautiful Quinceanera to share with her friends and family.  When Cinthya found out her wish would be coming true, she was overjoyed and began describing her perfect 15th birthday celebration. Wish granters worked long and hard making sure all the details for Cinthya’s Quinceanera would come together exactly as she envisioned it, and made sure everything was ready for her big day! 

Cinthya’s birthday finally arrived.  She and her family were driven by limousine the night before to a beautiful hotel where the Quinceanera celebration would be taking place.  Cinthya’s big day started out with hair dressers and manicurists pampering her in her hotel room and getting her ready for her big party!  Soon Cinthya donned her beautiful gown and made her way down to a small private ceremony where she was blessed by a priest and presented to her close family as a young woman.  After the blessing, Cinthya made her way to the grand ballroom where she was in awe.  Butterflies, her favorite, adorned the tables among beautiful flower arrangements.  Pink and purple washes lit the room and all of Cinthya’s family and friends were on hand to celebrate.  Cinthya had a special surprise for the crowd.  She had been working with a choreographer on a special dance for her party that moved her mother to tears.  After a wonderful meal and some of Cinthya’s beautiful cake, the party got started with everyone on the dance floor, including Cinthya who stayed out there almost the whole night.

This was truly a great day for this brave young woman.  Cinthya could not have been happier about her Quinceanera, saying it was perfect.  Her mother was delighted with how happy her daughter was with her extraordinary day.  She said Cinthya never stopped smiling, and it was truly a day the family will remember for the rest of their lives.

Truly a day the family will remember for the rest of their lives. ”

— Wish Family Member

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