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Bowen wished to have a shopping spree

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“ Even while fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma, 16-year-old Bowen is always thinking of others ”

Creating life-changing wish experiences usually involves making our wish kids the center of attention. That wasn't easy to do with 16- year old Bowen who, even while fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma, is always thinking of others.

Bowen wished for a shopping spree so that he could get a laptop computer to help him catch up in school after missing a year for treatment. Even though Bowen is a serious student who works hard to get good grades and is planning to go to college, he's also a fun-loving teenager who likes to hang out and joke around with his friends. The new laptop, plus some fun auxiliary products and games, will keep Bowen entertained and in touch with his loved ones, no matter where his journey leads.

During the course of his shopping spree at Fashion Show Mall, where he was treated like a VIP everywhere he went, Bowen made sure to get a special Mother's Day gift for his mom, and also to inquire extensively about how he could become a Make-A-Wish® volunteer himself!

Later, during dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy, Bowen had no choice but to bask in the limelight as everyone stopped by his table to pay their respects to this brave boy with the big smile, generous heart and "pay-it-forward" attitude.


  • The result of Bowen's shopping spree!

  • Bowen was all smiles at Maggiano's Little Italy

  • Bowen and his mom

  • Happy Wish day, Bowen!

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