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A Shopping Spree Brings Joy for Years to Come


Wish kid Izeah feels like he's always had everything he needs, but he's never had everything he's really wanted.

Izeah is a warmhearted, grateful young man.  Now age thirteen, Izeah has contended with cystic fibrosis his entire life since his diagnosis at birth. Friends and family know Izeah is wise beyond his years, and he understands the importance of consistent treatments to keep him alive and functioning.

During the toughest of times, Izeah keeps his spirits high through his passion for comic books, basketball, and most of all, spending quality time with his family.

The involvement of his mother, grandmother, and siblings is all very important to Izeah, and he never hesitates to speak about how grateful he is to have their love and support.  Math comes easily to him in school, and when homework is all finished there is nothing better than a game of NBA2k or Mortal Kombat!

Determining a wish was a tall order for Izeah because he struggles with being selfish.  It’s hard to imagine, but Izeah feels like he’s always been fortunate enough to have everything he needs. Despite this, Izeah has not always been able to have all of the things he’s really wanted. Izeah needed to think long and hard about a wish that would truly bring him the most joy.

After a couple of visits with Make-A-Wish volunteers and consulting with his family, an electronics and sports shopping spree was decided upon.  The Golden State Warriors are Izeah’s favorite team, and he smiled ear to ear when thinking about all the sports gear he was going to get! 

Finally, Izeah’s wish of having an electronics and sports shopping spree came true. He picked out his most favorite items that will bring him joy for years instead of settling on a one-day experience. 

Izeah walked away from his life-changing wish with electronics, video games, shoes, and more. These items will stay with him for years to come, bringing him hope and strength. 

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  • Izeah enjoying dinner during his wish.

  • Izeah shopping for new video games.

  • Izeah with his family before his wish.

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