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Jeremy's wish coming true.

A wish come true changes a life forever.

Sponsored by House Advantage

Jeremy's wish to have a computer will have an impact on the rest of his life. House Advantage went above and beyond to grant his wish and make his dream of becoming a graphic designer possible.

Imagine a life that includes daily breathing treatments and medication just to live. Meet Jeremy, a thirteen-year-old boy that must accept the hand he was dealt. At the tender age of seven, a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis changed everything for him, his mom and two sisters. Jeremy is a shy and very bright teenager with a passion for video games and YouTube. 

Financial hardship was obvious to the Make-A-Wish discovery team during their visit. Jeremy is fortunate to have a loving family, including his single mom, but they struggle to make ends meet. With the added strain of his illness, they do the best they can. Watching soccer, football and videos proves difficult without a computer, so his wish was quickly determined. Although slow to warm up to new people, Jeremy smiled from ear to ear at the thought of a gaming computer and a giant monitor with all the bells and whistles. His gratitude filled the room and the hearts of everyone there during the wish discovery without a single word being spoken- Jeremy’s facial expression said it all!

The days and years ahead are uncertain and may include surgeries, experimental procedures and multiple medications along with their side effects. Jeremy is a fighter, inspiring everyone around him to appreciate each and every day. A computer would allow him to pursue his dream of studying computer science and ultimately land him in the field of graphic design. Jeremy has raw talent and is deserving of a future full of opportunity and advancement.

This month, Jeremy’s wish came true. He walked into the House Advantage office that was completely decked out with balloons, banners and posters. He couldn’t have gotten a warmer welcome as the employees clapped and cheered as Jeremy strolled in. Jeremy went on a scavenger hunt through the office, with each station containing a different part of his future computer to unwrap. At one point, he found not one, not two, but three gaming monitors! At the end of the hunt, Jon Wolfe, President and CEO of House Advantage and a member of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada's Board, met Jeremy and his family in the conference room to celebrate Jeremy's wish with pizza and soccer-themed cupcakes. 

Jeremy was beaming with joy. Not only did he receive a computer with all the extras he dreamed of, but some amazing staff members gave Jeremy their phone numbers and business cards inviting him to call them anytime if he ever needs help with his computer.

The House Advantage team even offered Jeremy a desk in their office with the promise that he’s welcome to come by any time. To make this moment even sweeter, House Advantage said that when Jeremy gets older, they’d love to consider him for an internship turning Jeremy’s dream of becoming a graphic designer into a reality!

Thank you to our incredible community partner, House Advantage, who went above and beyond for this incredible moment. This was a life-changing day and wish for Jeremy that will impact him forever.

If you’d like to be part of helping wishes like Jeremy’s come true, click here.

  • Jeremy's wish coming true.

  • Jeremy beaming with joy.

  • Jeremy smiling with the House Advantage team.

  • Jeremy in front of the limo before his wish.

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