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“ This is a day we'll never forget. Just to see the surprise on his face getting his saxophone was amazing. ”

- Jon Sr., Jon's dad

Jon is an energetic fifteen-year-old who loves playing pranks, building model cars and creating art, but it should be known that Jon is happiest when playing his saxophone.

Very intelligent and ambitious, Jon has been playing the saxophone for three years and has also tried his hand at songwriting. He looks forward to following in his sister’s footsteps and attend college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Diagnosed with congenital heart disease at birth, Jon has endured three open-heart surgeries. With the help, love and support of his parents and older sister, Jon has been able to keep a positive mindset. When Jon discovered his wish was going to be granted, his passion for music led him to wish for a new saxophone!

Jon's wish to have a saxophone

Jon’s wish experience was one he and his family will never forget. Jon’s reveal was a socially distanced celebration in his backyard. It was a small gathering consisting of Jon’s family and staff members from Make-A-Wish.

Jon's wish to have a saxophone

Band members from Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns also attended to surprise Jon with a special performance. When Jon stepped outside, the band began to play, and Jon’s face lit up while he shouted, “Wow!”. The celebration continued as everyone cheered for Jon as he opened the case to his very own saxophone.

Jon's wish to have a saxophone

Jon shared he is working on learning “Careless Whisper” for his sister and creating original music for his mom and dad. For Jon, his wish experience was a priceless moment he’ll always remember.

Jon's wish to have a saxophone

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